Punchbowl Memorial Battle Map Technique Explained

Please join Historic Hawai‘i Foundation and AIA Honolulu to welcome guest speaker Robert Armbruster as he explains the re-discovered technique for matching the unique mosaic concrete battle maps at the Honolulu Memorial at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

The Earley Studio process was first used to create the battle maps explaining the wars in the Pacific and Korea when the Memorial opened in 1967. For the newly commission Vietnam Memorial Pavilion, opening November 11, the Armbruster Company designed and fabricated installations that would closely match the original works of art.

Bob Armbruster from Armbruster Company will present about the Earley Studio process in the Honolulu Memorial Battle Maps at Punchbowl at this special lecture and reception. Armbruster is a leading authority on John J. Earley, known as “the man who made concrete beautiful,” and the work of Earley Studio. Armbruster has engineered materials and techniques to restore Earley’s historic architecture, sculpture and fountains. Bob Armbruster has been restoring exceptional concrete for thirty years. The Armbruster Company has just designed and fabricated mosaic concrete battle maps for the Vietnam Memorial Pavilion at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.




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