About HHF

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About HHF

Historic Hawai‘i Foundation has a passion for telling stories about people, history and culture through the celebration of historic buildings and communities. HHF explores, preserves and nurtures diverse cultural and historic places and perspectives of Hawai‘i by working to ensure that the heritage of every historical era remains as part of the communities’ civic treasuries as a living, useful part of the present.

A statewide non-profit organization, Historic Hawai‘i Foundation encourages the preservation of historic buildings, sites and communities relating to the history of Hawai‘i. Founded in 1974 by concerned citizens who saw the need to protect the Islands’ irreplaceable historic and cultural legacy from destruction, Historic Hawai‘i Foundation has become the driving force behind preservation in the state through its core programs of developing a community ethic of historic preservation, supporting smart legislation, and providing direct assistance to make preservation accessible. Through strong partnerships with public, private and non-profit organizations, HHF helps to unleash critical local energy. Together, we protect the essential character of Hawai‘i.

Appreciation of this rich and layered inheritance will translate into the public will to take meaningful action to preserve and use historic places. As public awareness increases, community members are motivated to recognize and protect the places that they love. There is an ever-increasing appreciation of the ways that the sites, communities and buildings that reflect the past continue to be living parts of the present. They are gifts that current generations leave for the future.

The heritage of Hawai‘i is worth preserving. By joining Historic Hawai‘i Foundation today, you too can help protect the places that matter.