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Call for Nominations for Preservation Honor Awards 2018

Nominations are due Friday, February 2, 2018. Are you or is an organization or individual you know working on a fabulous preservation project? If so, now is the time to spotlight their (or your) work [...]

December 12th, 2017|Comments Off on Call for Nominations for Preservation Honor Awards 2018

Mixed Results from Recent Legislative Action

8/15/15: Recent government action on historic preservation has been decidedly mixed. The results of the 2015 State Legislature saw some positive outcomes, but also an extremely harmful attack on the State’s preservation laws, while the [...]

August 24th, 2015|Comments Off on Mixed Results from Recent Legislative Action

Honolulu Council Considers Tax Increase on Historic Homes

Act Now to Protect the Property Tax Exemption for Historic Residential Properties Update 6/17/15: The Honolulu City Council Budget Committee decided to defer CB28 relating to the property tax exemption for historic residences. The council-members voiced [...]

May 8th, 2015|Comments Off on Honolulu Council Considers Tax Increase on Historic Homes

Help Needed to Protect Historic Neighborhoods: Oppose HB830

5/8/15: The State Legislature voted to approve HB830 and will send it to Governor David Ige to approve or veto. The final version of the bill did not address the preservation community’s concerns to safeguard [...]

April 24th, 2015|Comments Off on Help Needed to Protect Historic Neighborhoods: Oppose HB830

Draft Special Resource Study Identifies Honouliuli Internment Camp for Potential Inclusion in National Park System

Meetings Scheduled to Give the Public an Opportunity to Comment on the Report 5/8/14: The National Park Service today released a draft study proposing that Honouliuli Internment Camp, where Japanese and European American residents from [...]

May 9th, 2014|Comments Off on Draft Special Resource Study Identifies Honouliuli Internment Camp for Potential Inclusion in National Park System

Create an Advocacy Group Specific to the Site You Want to Save

To help save a place you love, assemble a group of people with a common goal to protect the historic property from demolition or inappropriate development. Raise public awareness and knowledge through outreach, and influence decisions through public input opportunities. Knowing what is possible and when public comment is taken is key to success. For State and Federal projects that may impact historic places, there may be an announcement in the newspaper or that department’s website. Your group may need to raise awareness through having a website, emailing announcement, writing letters to state and federal agencies, as well as contacting your representatives. See the “Saving the Neighborhood” handbook for how to get started!

Download Booklet (PDF)

natatoriumCity & County of Honolulu to Undertake Environmental Study for Natatorium

7/9/14: The City & County of Honolulu will host a stakeholders scoping meeting for the Environmental Impact Statement for the Waikīkī War Memorial on July 21, 6:30 p.m. at Kaimukī High School.

Download the Meeting Announcement

5/13/14: The City & County of Honolulu has announced its intention to conduct an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for potential changes to the Waikīkī War Memorial Natatorium and adjacent areas. The study will evaluation at least three alternatives: no action; reconstruction and restoration of the Natatorium; and demolition of the war memorial with construction of a new beach and memorial arch. The description of the study and conceptual drawings of the alternatives to be evaluated are attached.

The City has engaged planning consultant WCP Inc. to conduct the evaluation of alternatives and prepare the EIS. They anticipate publishing the preparation notice for the EIS in summer 2014 and the making the subsequent Draft EIS available for public review in spring 2015.

To learn more about the history of the War Memorial and previous efforts to use, restore, demolish, and/or rehabilitate the Natatorium, see

Historic Hawai‘i Foundation’s position on the preferred alternative for the War Memorial is:

  • HHF supports the stabilization, preservation and rehabilitation of the Waikīkī War Memorial Natatorium.
  • HHF recommends that the immediate strengthening, repair and stabilization of the structure’s frame be completed per the plans that were halted in 2005, including the sea walls and deck.
  • HHF recommends, in conjunction with resuming the work to stabilize the structure, that engineering, planning and permitting be undertaken for the redesign of the pool.
  • HHF recommends that the City engage in dialogue with state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, business organizations and other stakeholders to craft a public-private partnership for the long-term rehabilitation, maintenance and operation of the facility.

Comments on specific issues or concerns you feel should be addressed in the EIS may be sent to: WCP Inc., 99-061 Koaha Way, Ste. 208, ‘Aiea, HI 96701.

[EIS Preparation Notice – PDF]

[HHF Comments Letter on the Waikiki War Memorial EIS – PDF]