ACTION ALERT: LokoEa Fishpond Needs Your Support

Speak Out to Protect Scenic View of LokoEa Fishpond

From our friends at The Outdoor Circle:

On Monday, Sept. 12th, North Shore Outdoor Circle President Gidget Germain along with 2nd VP Kathy Whitmire from the North Shore branch testified in Honolulu against a Haleiwa Special District major development permit for “The Shops at Anahulu” which is proposed to be built on the vacant land right next to Loko’Ea Fishpond in Haleiwa.

Major points of opposition are listed below.

Additional testimony is needed in opposition As Soon As Possible before September 19

Your thoughts about the need to conserve this land can be submitted by email.  

Please send them by email to Alex Beatty at the Department of Planning and Permitting.

Here is a link to his email address:

Please include in the subject line: “2016/SDD-43(AB) The Shops at Anahulu”

You do not need to prepare any formal testimony.  Just send a brief email making any or all of the following points:

1. Haleiwa Special District was created to preserve the historic nature of Haleiwa town.

2. The objectives of the District include preservation of historic sites, open spaces and important scenic views.

3. The view of Loko’Ea Pond from Kamehameha Hwy is specifically identified in the land use ordinance as an important view plane to be protected.

4. The proposed Shops at Anahulu is a 25 foot tall, 5,000 square foot commercial building to be built at the corner of Kamehameha Hwy and Loko’Ea Place. It will eliminate the public view of the Pond from the highway at that location.

5. Commercial encroachment on this historic Hawaiian Fishpond is inconsistent with the guidance of the Northshore Sustainable Communities Plan and the Haleiwa Town Plan which envisions restoration of the Pond as a working aquaculture resource.

6. Several land trusts stand ready to assist the landowner in creating a conservation easement on this land so this important site can be protected without causing a financial loss for the landowner.  This is truly a win-win situation for the landowner and the community.

7. The Shops at Anahulu is exactly the type of inappropriate land use the Haleiwa Special District was created to prevent.

Even if you submitted testimony or sent an email for an earlier hearing on this project, it is important to be heard now. 

Only the testimony received this week and last week will be considered in evaluating this permit.

The Haleiwa Special District is an important tool for preserving historic sites in Haleiwa and keeping the North Shore clean, green and beautiful.

Mahalo for your commitment and continued support of The Outdoor Circle and its branches.

Winston Welch
Executive Director


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