Tsoong Nyee Society Cook House

94-695 Waipahu Street, Waipahu, HI 96707

(1) 9-4-010:004

SHPD Historic Site Number

The Tsoong Nyee Society Cook House, built in 1909, is a modest single story, frame, 13′ x 25′ structure that sits on a concrete foundation. It is of single wall, vertical plank construction with an interior girt. The cook house is the only structure remaining of an originally larger complex which included the Tsoong Nyee Society Hall, a death house and a garden space. The other buildings were destroyed in a wind storm in the 1970s. The area occupied by these structures is included in the nomination. The Tsoong Nyee Society Cook House is significant for its associations with the Chinese settlement of Waipahu and as one of the few remaining Chinese cook houses in Hawaii. It is also significant for its potential to yield information on turn of the century Chinese culture in Hawaii. The cook house is one of approximately six to still exist within the state as of the writing of this nomination in 1987.

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