Hana Store

Hana Highway and Keawa Place, Hana, Maui 96713

(2) 1-4-013:001

SHPD Historic Site Number

The Hana Store is a simple, rectangular, single-story, whitewashed stone building. It has a corrugated metal gable roof with a false front at the front and rear. The building is entered and exited through a centered double doorway. The doors are of recent vintage as are their slightly outset concrete frame. The Hana Store is significant for being one of the oldest extant buildings in Hana, and in turn for its associations with the development of Hana and the contribution made to the community via its mercantile activities. Hana was a small community, which in 1878 was reported to have a church, school, courthouse, thirty native houses and two general stores, of which this building was one.

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