3065 Diamond Head Road and 2831 Coconut Avenue/ Haumalu, Martha Alexander and Frank Gerbode Residence

3065 Diamond Head Road & 2831 Coconut Avenue, Honolulu HI 96815

(1) 3-1-036:009, -033:048

SHPD Historic Site Number

Haumalu, the Martha Alexander Gerbode and Frank Gerbode Residence, is a beachfront home built in 1937 for the daughter of Wallace M. Alexander. The house is significant for its architecture as an example of a Hawaiian Style residence designed by noted architect, Charles W. Dickey. It is also significant for its association with Wallace M. Alexander and Martha Alexander Gerbode. The one-story house sits on a concrete foundation and features Dickey’s trademark “Hawaiian” double-pitched roof, covered with split cedar shake, large lanai, and spacious openings that bring the outside in. The exterior wall sare composed of moss rock walls and pillars grouted with white cement and interspaced with large horizontal redwood siding. The large covered exterior lanai at the entrance of the house bisects the living areas and continues out to an oceanfront promenade, which is contructed of moss rock walls and stained concrete flooring. There is a large chimney on the west roof, with split ducts for a living room fireplace and a kitchen exhaust vent. When standing on the oceanside lawn and looking north, the roofline and position of the house mimics Diamond Head’s natural slope. A separate garage housing 2-3 cars and bathroom was designed by Dickey at the same time as the main house with redwood siding and stained concrete floors.

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