Why Preserving our Shared Heritage Matters

Indiana Jones saw the importance of history Hawaii Army Weekly, February 5, 2016 Story and photos by Chaplain (Maj.) John Grauer Plans and Operations U.S. Army Garrison – Hawaii Grauer Indiana Jones, the fictional adventurer/archeologist, searches for valuable artifacts of great historical significance, giving us a glimmer of his character as one who seeks great historical antiquities. Like the fictional Indiana Jones, Austin Henry Layard has been seen Austin Henry Layard by many historians to be the person who led to the historical discovery of the ancient city of Nimrud in the 1840s. The story of its discovery was one of great historical significance. It brought to us the reality of connecting the past with the future and what it means for us when we forget our historical roots to past civilizations that are lost to us. Have you ever misplaced a cell phone? We all have. I can guess what happened: You panicked! You retraced your steps, turned your residence upside down until you found your phone and then you were relieved. But what happens when you lose something and don’t find it? What happens when something that you cherish is lost? While surfing near Haleiwa, I was hit by a wave and knocked around. My wedding ring slipped off my finger, fell into the water and slowly disappeared. It was gone! It was gone forever! Historical Church Mosul A few weeks ago, I was angered at the news of an ancient church in Iraq that was destroyed. I remember that church. I walked through this ancient place, and many other places of great historical importance, like the ruins of Nimrud, set during the time of Assyrian King (883 to 859 BC). North Western [...]