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Explore and experience Hawaii’s history at HHF’s tours of historic buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes.

Learn about Hawaii’s rich history through educational seminars and lectures, workshops, newsletters and e-mail alerts with preservation news from around the state.

Protect Hawaii’s historic sites and distinctive communities. Join with members to unite as one voice and promote responsible planning and development in which history and heritage become part of a vibrant, contemporary Hawai‘i.

Share recommendations for recognizing outstanding preservation projects and tell us about endangered historic places.

Belong to our preservation community and know that you are making a difference for preservation in Hawai‘i by supporting a statewide organization that has both the passion and expertise to preserve and promote Hawaii’s historic places for present and future generations.

Become a member of Historic Hawai‘i Foundation today and help protect the places that matter. Lend your support to the network of people working to preserve, restore and celebrate historic places across the Hawaiian Islands to ensure these treasures continue to grace our shores for generations to come. As a statewide nonprofit, Historic Hawai‘i Foundation exists because of the financial support of its members.

An annual membership includes:

  • Invitations and discounted admission to HHF educational programs and events
  • A subscription to the HHF newsletter, and /or E-newsletter
  • Recognition for your donation in the newsletter and annual report
  • Charitable contributions are tax deductible, as allowed by law.
  • The satisfaction of supporting statewide efforts to protect the cherished historic and cultural sites of Hawai‘i!

Membership Levels

Heritage Patron $5000 and up
Heritage Benefactor $2500-$4999
Heritage Associate $1000-$2499
Preservation Sponsor $500-$999
Preservation Supporter $250-$499
Preservation Partner $100-$249
Preservation Ally $50-$99
Student $25