Specifications for the Historic Residential Plaque

Historic Residence Signs 2017-04-21T01:00:46+00:00
  • Logotype adopted by the City and County of Honolulu (Seal should be permanently re-sized to a 6 inch diameter; see layout for measurements)
  • 14″ H x 10″W Plaque
  • Bronze Alloy 5/16″ thick with single line raised edge borders and radius corners
  • Dark bronze background
  • Finish = Each letter/number character having satin raised letterfaces
  • “HISTORIC RESIDENCE” in upper case lettering using 1″ height font size
  • Letter font style = Times New Roman (within the 10″ width)
  • Additional Historic Informational text in Times New Roman, 3/8″ height, limited to 25 characters (including spaces) per line
  • Mounting = concealed studs unless pole mount is requested