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What is the Best Way to Repair and Prevent Termite Damage in an Historic Home?

Termite infestation is a problem many Hawai‘i residents have faced, and whether your home is historic or not, if it is made of wood you should routinely check for termites. Termites cause over $2.5 billion dollars in damage across the United States each year. Preventing infestations and detecting them early is the best way to [...]

I have old wiring in my historic house. Do I need to replace it, and if so, how do I avoid damaging historic features on the walls and ceilings in the process?

If you are buying a home, especially one that is older, or have never had your wiring inspected, it is a good idea to hire a licensed electrician to inspect the wires in the house.  He or she can tell you if any of the insulation has been eaten away, or if it is dried [...]

What is the best way to repair or replace historic wooden windows?

Wood windows are common to many historic homes in Hawai‘i. Most are either double-hung or casement style windows that contribute greatly to the historic character of the house. The preferred option is always to repair and maintain the existing windows if possible. If they are deteriorated to the point where replacement is necessary the replacement [...]