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What’s the Difference Between “Integrity” and “Condition” and Why Does it Matter?

By Megan Borthwick, Preservation Program Manager As advocates of preservation, we often hear things like, “why not tear it down – it’s in terrible condition?” or “it’s practically falling down – how could it be historic?” We sometimes even hear the opposite, such as “they did so many great improvements, why don’t you consider it [...]

What Are Architectural Surveys and What Purpose Do They Serve?

By Jessica Puff, State Historic Preservation Division Architectural Historian Management of cultural and historic resources would be impossible without having an idea what resources are where. Archaeologists conduct Archaeological Inventory Surveys to find what cultural resources are located within a specific project area (see “Ask An Expert” May 2014). Architectural historians conduct this same type [...]

What are Archaeological Inventory Surveys?

By Megan Borthwick, Preservation Program Manager Federal and State regulations require consultation and review for projects impacting historic properties, specifically, projects taking place on federal or state lands, or projects requiring permits from federal or state agencies. To understand how certain projects will impact historic properties within their Area of Potential Effect (APE), these resources [...]

Why does the SHPD review permits for properties older than 50 years? What are they looking for?

By Angie Westfall, Architectural Branch Chief, State Historic Preservation Division The State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) is mandated by Hawaii Revised Statute 6E “to provide leadership in preserving, restoring, and maintaining historic and cultural property...”  As part of this requirement,  HRS 6E-42 says that before any agency or officer of the State approves a permit [...]

My historic windows were removed previously and replaced with jalousies that don’t match the historic style. How can I bring back the original character?

By Barbara Shideler, Mason Architects, Inc. Photos Courtesy of Barbara Shideler, Mason Architects, Inc. The retention of original windows is always desirable, however a replacement window may be warranted when a sash or component is missing or has been replaced with an inappropriate type, or if the window is too deteriorated to repair. Replacement windows [...]

How can I ensure my historic building is safe from earthquakes?

By Katie Kissling, Field Services Program Manager Living in Hawai‘i earthquakes are a possibility and it is important to ensure that historic structures are safe and that they will continue to stand for future generations to enjoy. Making a building safer in the event of an earthquake does not have to compromise the historic integrity [...]