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How Can I Identify Architectural Character?

By Lee H. Nelson, FAIA Adapted from Preservation Brief 17 “Identifying the Visual Aspects of Historic Buildings as an Aid to Preserving their Character” The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties embody two important goals: 1) the preservation of historic materials and, 2) the preservation of a building's distinguishing character. [...]

When should historic signs be retained?

By Michael J. Auer, “The Preservation of Historic Signs” Preservation Brief 25  Historic signs once allowed buyers and sellers to communicate quickly, using images that were the medium of daily life. Historic signs can contribute to the character of buildings and districts. They can also be valued in themselves, quite apart from the buildings to [...]

How Can I Maintain the Exterior of an Historic Building?

From “Preservation Brief 47: Maintaining the Exterior of Small and Medium Size Historic Buildings” by Sharon C. Park, FAIA. Maintenance is the most important preservation treatment for extending the life of a historic property. It is also the most cost effective. Understanding the construction techniques of the original builders and the performance qualities of older [...]

How Can I Prevent or Remove Graffiti from Historic Buildings?

Graffiti are markings that are applied illicitly on walls or other surfaces, usually in a public place. It can damage or weaken the original building material (the substrate), and also leave unsightly markings both from the original tags and the effects of visible overpainting or shadows after removal. Graffiti also have a strong correlation to [...]

Development and Redevelopment in a Historic District

By Kiersten Faulkner, Executive Director With the advent of the City and County of Honolulu's transit oriented development (TOD) project spurring many questions from the community, we wanted to take a moment to share some of our thoughts on development and redevelopment in a historic district. The best type of redevelopment in a historic district [...]

What Considerations Are Important When Nominating Historic Cemeteries to the National and Hawai‘i Registers Of Historic Places?

By Megan Borthwick, Preservation Program Manager This year’s Experts Lecture Series focused on preserving historic cemeteries. Staff from the State Historic Preservation Division shared information about the National Register of Historic Places and burial sites in Hawai‘i. This lecture brought up the topic of criteria considerations and what types of properties need additional justification for [...]