HHF Mission, Vision & Principles

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Our Mission

The purpose of the Foundation shall be to preserve and encourage the preservation of historic buildings, objects, communities and sites relating to the history of Hawai‘i; to promote awareness of and respect for all that is historically significant and architecturally distinctive in our State; and through these efforts, to keep alive and intact for the enrichment of present and future generations the inherent beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and its unique historic role in the development of the Pacific Basin.

Our Vision

The people of Hawai‘i have developed an ethic of historic preservation such that it is an inherent societal value. The preservation ethic manifests as public will that motivates actions and is considered equally with other criteria when making decisions. Sense of place and sense of culture are fundamental expectations of political, business, community, educational and cultural leaders.

Our Guiding Principles

LEADERSHIP: We champion historic preservation in the halls of legislative bodies, in the meeting rooms of community and business interests, and across the State.

CREDIBLE:  Understanding that our credibility is our greatest asset, we operate with integrity, courage and transparency; building on an organizational history of significance.

DILIGENCE: Time is of the essence and we commit to bring a sense of urgency to the preservation goals. We appreciate that achieving preservation as a community value is a long term pursuit, and pledge to be diligent and committed to its achievement, now and in the future.

DIVERSITY:  We embrace the multi-cultural richness of Hawaii’s peoples, and respect their unique as well as their intertwined histories.

RESPECT:  With fond aloha for the host culture, we honor the wahi pana (storied places) of Hawai‘i, understanding and adapting, where possible, the values and protocols of Native Hawaiians unique to those sites.

RELEVANCE: We find that effective preservation requires honoring the past while integrating it into present needs. As advocates and stewards of Hawai‘i’s cultural heritage, historic sites and structures we are usually not the owners, so we strive to meld harmoniously contemporary needs with preservation objectives.

PARTNERSHIP:  Preservation is a shared responsibility and we commit to cultivate and maintain partnerships with agencies, organizations and individuals that further the objectives of Historic Hawai‘i Foundation.