Honokaa People’s Theatre

45-3574 Mamane Street, Honokaa, Hawaii 96727

(3) 4-5-016:011; 056

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The Honokaa People’s Theatre is architecturally significant at the local level under Criterion C as a good example of a classical revival style theater building constructed in rural Hawaiʻi during the 1920s and 1930s. The vernacular classical revival building is characterized by its symmetric facade with pilasters, cornice and false front parapet. It sits on a concrete foundation, which is raised toward the rear, and has a corrugated metal, front facing, gable roof with overhanging eaves and exposed rafter tails. A corrugated metal monitor with wood slats traverses a portion of the gable roof’s peak above the auditorium. The external auditorium walls are of corrugated metal. The Honokaa People’s Theatre is also significant at the State Level under Criterion A because it has been a center of community life since its opening in 1930. The building’s ability to accommodate both live and moving picture entertainment has meant it has been used extensively as a multipurpose facility. Generations of audiences and performers have here experienced ethnic dances, music festivals, plays, and cultural exhibitions. The theater has provided a venue for political/economic speeches and rallies. It has been the scene of children’s programs. American, Japanese and Filipino films have drawn audiences. The size and facilities, is the largest theater on the island outside of Hilo, attract people to Honokaʻa.

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