1699 Walea Street / Abel Residence

1699 Walea Street, Wahiawa, HI 96786

(1) 7-5-001:001

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 The Abel Residence is a one story, composite single-walled and double-walled construction frame with a Regional Craftsman style with a dumb-bell shaped floor plan. The roofs are a double pitched-hipped design and the foundation is partially built with concrete and moss rock fieldstone. The interior of the main house is simple, but elegant in the Regional Craftsman style tradition with solid Ohia wood flooring throughout the house except for bathrooms and kitchen areas. The Abel Residence is significant under Criteria A for its association with the development of the Marigold Acres Subdivision Tract that was developed in 1928. The house and its lot retains the same original location as it was located in 1928. Being noted as the first house built on the Marigold Acres Subdivision Tract development, (see attached approved subdivision map dated May 1, 1928) the property is one of two lots that are over two acres in size and one of two lots still is its original development size. The structure has been kept in its original bell shape floor plan and Regional Craftsman style design. With no additional structural floor print added since 1954 renovation which Dr. deHarne juxtaposition fitted the teahouse to the main house, the physical characteristics of the property and its landscape create the feeling of old Hawaii.

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