Artillery District of Honolulu

Building 32, 32 Kalia Road, Fort DeRussy, and
Buildings 420, 430, 440, 450, and 460, Fort Kamehameha
Honolulu, HI

(1) 2-6-005:001; 9-9-001:013

SHPD Historic Site Number

National Register of Historic Places
#84000971 (Fort DeRussy); #84000925, #84000928, #84000948, #84000954, #84000975 (Fort Kamehameha)

The Artillery District of Honolulu was established on April 24, 1909, and consisted of Forts Ruger, DeRussy, Kamehameha, and Armstrong. Only those structures at Forts DeRussy and Kamehameha are under Army control and reflect the Rossevelt-Taft period of expanding American interest in the Pacific. The artillery sites are significant for their association with the coastal defense system for Pearl Harbor. Battery Randolph in Fort DeRussy now serves as the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii.

This list of Hawaii’s historic properties is provided as a public service by Historic Hawaii Foundation. It is not the official list of properties designated on the Hawaii State Register of Historic Places. For official designations and determinations of eligibility, contact the State Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Land and Natural Resources of the State of Hawaii at 808-692-8015.

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