Hana Hongwanji

Hana Highway, Hana, Maui 96713

(2) 1-4-003:053

SHPD Historic Site Number

The Hana Hongwanji is a one-story, frame building with a low-pitched flared irimoya roof and a karahafu roofed portico. It sits on a raised lot with a green lawn around it. A stone wall retains the lawn and separates the temple from the street. The Hana Hongwanji is significant for its associations with the Japanese community who once lived in Hana. The Japanese were brought to Hana to work on the plantations. In 1907 the Reverend Ryogen Teramasa organized the Honpa Hongwanji mission in Hana. The Hana Hongwanji is also architecturally significant as a good example of western and eastern building forms in Hawaii. The temple is essentially a western frame building on which a Japanese portico and roof have been constructed.

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