Chinese Tong Houses of Maui Island

Multiple Addresses, Kula and Lahina, Maui 96790 and 96761

(2) 2-2-003:036; (2) 4-5-001-:045

SHPD Historic Site Number

National Register of Historic Places
#82000173 (Wo Hing)
#82000172 (Ket Hing)
#82000171 (Chee Kung Tong)

The three remaining Chinese Tong Houses (out of six) on the island of Maui were all constructed in the first decade of this century. Although built in various parts of Maui, and most probably by different craftsmen, the three Tong Houses are similar in construction. Currently, only the Ket Hing and Wo Hing Society Houses are extant; the Chee Kung Tong House was removed from the Hawaii Register of Historic Places in 1998. The Ket Hing and Wo Hing Society Houses are similar in construction, both are two-story wooden structures with gable roofs, verandahs, patterned balustrades, and ornamental details. The Chinese Tong Houses of Maui Island are significant for all buildings are good examples of the period of architecture; the Society is an important aspect of cultural and social life for it’s immigrant Chinese members; and the Society’s dependence on Taoist beliefs were interrelated to the continuation of the traditional religious practices which reinforced the cultural and community ties.

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