934 8th Avenue/ Leong-Yap House

934 8th Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816

(1) 3-2-017:044

SHPD Historic Site Number

Built in 1928, the Leong-Yap Residence is a typical Kaimuki home. The Bungalow style of the main house, complemented by the historic plantation style cottages to the rear of the lot, creates a picture of the evolution of Kaimuki.  The evolution of a vernacular “Hawaiian” style of architecture incorporates the Bungalow style and the Plantation style in defining an appropriate architectural form for the Hawaiian climate.  The “Hawaiian” vernacular form uses input from US mainland architectural styles adapted with wide over-hanging eaves to shade windows from the sun, the use of large windows to create airflow patterns, and corrugated metal roofing to deal with the sometimes vast amounts of tropical rain.  The Bungalow style of the main residence and the similar Plantation style of the rear two residences maintain the integrity of these features, ensuring their place in the ranks of history.

This list of Hawaii’s historic properties is provided as a public service by Historic Hawaii Foundation. It is not the official list of properties designated on the Hawaii State Register of Historic Places. For official designations and determinations of eligibility, contact the State Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Land and Natural Resources of the State of Hawaii at 808-692-8015.

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