Waikele Stream Bridge & Bridge over OR&L Spur

Farrington Highway at Waikele Stream



Both are concrete deck girder bridges. The one over the stream has three spans with a combined length of about 130′. At the ends of the bridge the spans are supported on board formed concrete abutments. Two rows of four slender concrete columns carry the spans across Waikele Stream. The concrete parapets of the bridge are pierced to form balustrades with vertically oriented openings in the form of a thick cross (commonly referred to as a “Greek-cross void”), which was a standardized pattern in that period of Territorial Highway Department bridges.
The Waikele Stream Bridge and Bridge over OR&L Spur are significant for their associations with the development of the Waipahu community and the transportation history of the area. In addition, these bridges are good examples of concrete deck girder bridges of the late 1930s period. These bridges are associated with several important community improvement projects, the stream realignment and the construction of Farrington Highway, which greatly affected the history of Waipahu. 
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