Waioli Mission District

5373 & 5363 Kuhio Highway, Hanalei, Kauai 96714

(4) 5-5-006:008, :019

SHPD Historic Site Number

Historic District
National Register of Historic Places

The Waioli Mission District is located in the Hanalei Valley and consists of two adjoining parcels of land. The first is the Waioli Mission itself and one of the four buildings located on this land is the main Waioli Mission Residence (1836). The second portion of the district is the church property, and on it stands the old Waioli Hui‘ia Church (1841), the new Waioli Hui‘ia Church (1912), and a parsonage associated with the newer church. Waioli Church and Mission house were the center of mission activities on the Hanalei side of Kaua‘i and played an important role in the history of that part of the island. The Waioli Mission buildings are also significant in Hawaii as examples of early missionary building skills and design.

This list of Hawaii’s historic properties is provided as a public service by Historic Hawaii Foundation. It is not the official list of properties designated on the Hawaii State Register of Historic Places. For official designations and determinations of eligibility, contact the State Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Land and Natural Resources of the State of Hawaii at 808-692-8015.

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