Waimea Hawaiian Church

4491 Halepule Road, Waimea, Kauai 96796

(4) 1-6-007: 028

SHPD Historic Site Number

The original portion of the Waimea Hawaiian Church is a single-story wood frame structure built in the Hawaiian tradition, and it has a gable roof with a steeple on the makai end of the building. In 1908, the west wing was added, and at an unknown time a covered porch was added to the east side of the structure. These additions, which both have gable roofs, make the structure cross-like in form. The interior consists of wood walls, ceiling, and floors. The creation of the Waimea Hawaiian Church was the result of a bitter dispute between the Hawaii Evangelical Association and Reverend George Rowell. This dispute resulted in the formation of the Waimea Hawaiian Church, which is an example of the socio-religious climate of the time.

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