Waimea Elementary & Jr. High School Homemaking & Classroom Buildings

9707 Tsuchiya Road, Waimea, Kauai 96796

(4) 1-6-010: 004

SHPD Historic Site Number

Two pre-1940 classroom buildings sits on Waimea Elementary & Jr. High School campus in the heart of Waimea town. The 1936 Homemaking Building is the only extant school building on Kauai with this type of board and batten wall and the Classroom Building (which is currently being used as a dressing room) is a four-room building with a gable roof and inset lanai along the entire length of the building. These two buildings retain significant physical and associative integrity, despite the modern setting of the other school buildings, and show the developments in public education in the Territory of Hawaii, the architecture of Kauai’s public schools and the specific history of the settlement of the Waimea area. Also, homemaking was the main vocational course of study for female students during the territorial period.

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