Palama Fire Station

879 North King Street, Honolulu, HI 96817

(1) 1-5-005:014

SHPD Historic Site Number
80-14-1346; 80-14-1302

The Palama Fire Station’s basic structure is of English Bond brick and when it was built in 1901 it boasted all of the most modern equipment of the time. A 75′ brick stucco fire hose drying tower immediately identifies the structure as a turn of the century fire station. The significance of the Palama Fire Station is it was designed by O.G. Traphagen, who was a turn of the century landmark architect, and it was the first fire station in Hawaii to utilize modern firefighting equipment. Also the buildings brickwork is a unique example of skilled masonry construction techniques. The building exhibits unique design characteristics of Mediterranean and Romanesque styles and was the first example of Mediterranean architecture in Hawaii.

This list of Hawaii’s historic properties is provided as a public service by Historic Hawaii Foundation. It is not the official list of properties designated on the Hawaii State Register of Historic Places. For official designations and determinations of eligibility, contact the State Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Land and Natural Resources of the State of Hawaii at 808-692-8015.

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