Friendship Garden

45-226 Kokokahi Place, Kaneohe, HI 96744

(1) 4-4-031:076

SHPD Historic Site Number

Friendship Garden is a ten acre park that is sited at the rear of Keana in Kaneohe and is the mauka terminus of the Kokokahi residential subdivision. Planted as a forest area, the park is penetrated by a lower and upper loop trail, both of which are unpaved, and is characterized by mature vegetation, with different plant varieties located in distinct areas. The park’s character is further defined by its stone entry steps, two wood structures, and several Asian style masonry objects. Friendship Garden is significant for its associations with the development of the Kokokahi tract and the Pan-Pacific Movement. It is also significant for its associations with Theodore Richards and as a good example of landscape design in Hawaii during the 1930s.

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