Dillingham Parlor Car #64, Oahu Railroad Locomotives #6 & #12

91-1001 Renton Road, Ewa, HI 96706

(1) 9-1-017:049

SHPD Historic Site Number

The Dillingham car #64 was constructed in 1924 for use by the Dillingham family and railroad executives as a parlor car. The body of the car is hardwood and the exterior is painted in two-tone green with the company name and #64 in black lettering on each side. Locomotive #6, constructed in 1889, has a black-and-white painted body and appears much as it did around the turn of the century. The cab of this steam locomotive is wood which is painted white. Locomotive #12, constructed in 1912, has both a steel body and cab, and the body of the locomotive is painted black. It is the only twentieth-century steam locomotive on Oahu and has been restored to its original appearance. Locomotive #6 is significant as the first locomotive purchased and used by the Oahu Railroad and Land Company. It is also significant as the first locomotive purchased by the royal government under King Kalakaua in 1889. Locomotive #12 is the only American Locomotive Company locomotive remaining in Hawaii today. Parlor car #64 was the private parlor car of B.F. Dillingham.

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