Anahola School Buildings

4109 Kealia Road, Anahola, Kauai 96703

(4) 4-8-005:001

SHPD Historic Site Number

Anahola School is a complex of three buildings: the classroom building, former cafeteria building, and the toilet building.  The classroom and main part of the cafeteria are single-wall wood-frame construction, and the toilet building is a combination of concrete and wood-frame construction.  The design and materials of the buildings are essentially intact, although some additions have been made to the rear of the two main buildings, and some of the original materials are covered over or deteriorated. The Anahola School Buildings are significant because of their relation to developments in public education in the Territory of Hawaii, the architecture of Kauai’s public schools, and the specific history of the settlement of the Anahola area.

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